Bello Boy Moscato

Chef Jaime bellotext.fw
My Bello Boy Rose Petals Moscato is like no other moscato in the United States.

When creating the unique flavor profile for this wine, my goal was to develop a moscato infused with the essence of roses, the most beautiful and legendary flower in the world.

The smell and beauty of a rose brings to mind love, sensuality and friendship. Whether giving Bello Boy Rose Petal Moscato as a gift at your next shower, romantic getaway or celebrating a new love, this special moscato will evoke romance and confidence with every sip.

When chilled, served and paired with gastronomic delights from your favorite cheeses and smoked salmon at brunch to decadent desserts after dinner, this mildly sweet moscato amazes all and leaves you asking, “Where can I buy this wine?!”

Like everything I have accomplished in my career, I strive for Bello Boy Rose Petal Moscato to be truly original and of the utmost quality.

Take Bello Boy Rose Petal Moscato to your next get together. Bello Boy is the perfect handsome companion for “Girls Night” and your dependable life of the party in one bottle. Let Bello Boy Rose Petal Moscato become your Mr. Right.

With Love, Gratitude and Everything coming up Roses.